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The Game

PUBG Mobile

is an online multiplayer F2P battle royale for Android and iOS from Tencent Games, based on the massively popular PC game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” by The PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Mobile
The Mission

The Mission

ComboStrike managed the direct influencer and PR strategy for Tencent’s PUBG MOBILE launch in EU & LATAM (exclusive) and the US, from soft launch to global launch to growth stage.

The initial launch stage goal was to help win share of voice and acquire quality users. After becoming the #1 most downloaded game in over 100 countries, the goal was then shifted to sustaining growth through creation of viral content.

The Approach

To support large scale in-house UA efforts, ComboStrike developed a branding approach including:


Influencer Marketing

To boost viewership, engagement and direct response, we carefully selected key influencers based on game fit, efficiency and capability.

• Squeezie is France’s #2 biggest YouTuber, and #1 biggest gaming YouTuber, with a fan base of over 11.8 million subscribers. He started out as a gaming influencer and now offers more creative and diverse content, often using video games as a basis for his comedy videos. In this video, Squeezie played the PUBG MOBILE game and garnered over 4.5 million views and over 10,000 comments.

• Vegetta777 is one of the biggest Spanish-speaking video game channels, and in this video, plays PUBG MOBILE, obtaining over 2 million views and over 12,000 comments.

• In addition, we also worked with Corridor Digital to produce a movie for PUBG MOBILE that was very well received, with over 3.5 million views and almost 5,000 comments.


PR Support

For our PR push, we conducted a series of press releases, media alerts, follow up, press inquiry management, additional consultancy on exclusive interviews, as well as daily qualitative and quantitative coverage reporting.

The results of the PR campaign were excellent, with coverage in top-tier tech, gaming and mobile-niche publications primarily within German-speaking and LATAM countries.

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