effective cost per sale reached
directly attributed to the campaign
within the first 2 months
for global results

The Game

Black Desert Online

is a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game published by Kakao Games.

Black Desert Online

The Aim

ComboStrike managed all performance marketing and premium branding efforts for the 2016 launch of Black Desert Online across Europe and North America, and continues to support their marketing efforts to date.

The overarching goal was to increase brand awareness and generate direct sales.

The Approach

ComboStrike promotes Black Desert Online through a careful mix of brand awareness and performance marketing.


Awareness is generated through:

• Booking direct premium websites fitting the gaming genre

• Programmatic media buying, based on profiling and prospecting (audience enhancement and retargeting)


Programmatic data is then used to amplify performance, with:

• Focus on sales during prelaunch and launch phases

• Affiliation (CPA+CPS model)

• SEM (Bing, Google)

• Retargeting and prospecting

• Audience Enhancement


Long-term, we continue to optimize their campaigns through:

• Affiliation (“try-for-free” model) – generating registrations for the game at a 30% conversion rate

• Programmatic and Advanced TV campaigns related to each game update

The Results

ComboStrike managed to generate positive awareness around the B2P model of BDO during the pre- and launch phase, which led to the high numbers of sales and ongoing in-game monetization of high value players. The mix of awareness and performance marketing and the close cooperation between ComboStrike and KakaoGames’ marketing departments made the launch of BDO in the West the most successful launch of this franchise worldwide. In addition, the long term campaign planning has enabled the development of additional marketing channels such as affiliation with CPA “try-for-free” offers, and influencer marketing with creative approaches.

Black Desert Online

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